1. Is this Criminal Case Cheats available for all countries?

Yes for all.

2. Will it perform for all systems? (Windows, Lunix, MacOS)


3. Why do I have to do a survey?

Well survey takes 1 minute and helps us to keep our servers up. We receiving alot of traffic on our site and this costs extra $ for hosting company.

You’re getting nice cheat and we are able to pay our bills for servers. Everyone happy.

4. I attempted in order to finish a survey however this will not end up to unlock, just what must i do?

Very simple whenever you happen to be doing a survey, you need to make sure to fill it with your real/valid informations.
Otherwise system will detect is as spam and your download won’t start/unlock, So make sure that when you are doing a survey to use your legit informations and your download will start/unlock!

5. Can I avoid survey?

I’m sorry but you can’t. If you truly like our work you will do 1 simple survey which takes less than a minute and you will be able to download our cheats.

6. Using this cheat is limited?

No, absolutly not! After download you can use this cheat as many times as you want at no extra costs

7. Will this cheat be updated in future?

Yes, we are updateing every cheat once a week if there is any change in base game code. You will receive an update automaticaly.