Criminal Case is one of the best, if not the best, detective-based game out there. Main character is a new member of the police forces who needs to solve bruthal crimes. Like in all games, at the beginnig player being introduced to the various components of gameplay one by one, and then subsequent cases become increasingly lengthy and complex as the player progresses.


criminal case game





There is several parts in this game that matters. One of them is hidden object scenes where players are presented with a list of objects to find and must find them as fast as possible to generate high scores. Final score contributes to cumulative star rating for the stage. These stars are used to unlock more investigation scenes. All items found in crime scene, like murder weapon, blood etc., must be send to the lab for analysis and this take some time. Ofcourse this delay can be handle by money – real money.

With progress of each case, player gains clues as name of the victim, motive of killing, how she/he were killed and suspects of this murder. At the end of the case player must choose which suspect is the right one. If the player is correct, case is solved and next one is unlocked.


criminal case game


Criminal Case has an energy system, and other resources are cash and coins. With our Criminal Case Cheats v2.49 you can add as much these energy, coins, cash to your account as you want. Just look at the pic below.



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This game was released on Facebook, iOS and Android. We have all three versions of Criminal Case Hack v2.49 for you, so if you stuck on some case and don’t have money, coins or energy, just download this Criminal Case Cheats ASAP!


With this Criminal Case Hack v2.49 you can add as much Coins, Cash and Energy as you want! Unlocking hidden objects never was so easy before!

As we said before, Criminal Case Hack v2.49 is available with 3 different versions. For Facebook Criminal Case Game, for Android users and iOS devices. After download you will have all 3 versions, so pick up the right one and go hack! Look at the pic below showing Facebook version.


criminal case hack


 Criminal Case Hack v2.49


Criminal Case Cheats features:

  • unlimited coins
  • unlimited cash
  • full energy
  • unlimited hints
  • unlock hidden items


criminal case hack



Criminal Case Hack steps:

  • download Criminal Case Cheats
  • copy/pase link to your Facebook account (if you choose iOS or Android version just select one of them)
  • login to Facebook and open Criminal Case Game
  • choose which web browser you actually use IE, Google Chrome, Opera or Mozilla Firefox
  • click “Connect with Facebook” and wait a bit
  • if you see “Success! CONNECTED” then you can go to Hacks Area
  • select and write how many resources do you want to add
  • simply click generate button
  • done! refresh game in browser or restart game in Android/iOS device
  • sometimes you need to wait 1-2 minutes before servers get updated


NOTE: If you want to unlock all hidden objects in next case, just deselect all Hacks, select just “unlock all items” and click generate. You don’t need to connect every time when you want to unlock hidden objects. Once you connect – you’re connected!


criminal case apk mod

If you are still confused with instructions, just see the video (click play):





criminal case mod android apkcriminal case hack download

criminal case ios apple iphone

download criminal case hack v2.49


criminal case hack tool download

UPDATE: We just added a new feature to Criminal Case Hack. With new version you can complete case and go to another with just one click. Yes thats right – now is even easier! Feature is available in all 3 versions of this hack.